Prototype: Invisible Cities - Digital Version, "My Sweet Orange Tree"

This is an interactive installation for mainly children called My Sweet Orange Tree. The story line came from the book, "My Sweet Orange Tree" as well. 
First of all, the scene starts winter, cold sounds and colors. If a user touches the box, it is heated by the user's palms with touching and heating sensors and the screen switches to the warm, happy sounds and colors. The little branch grows up and when the user says "I need you", "I like you", or " I love you", the little tree grows rapidly and birds sing. At the end, the tree says, "Thank you for your love", "You can pick an orange". Once the user touches the screen, the real-fresh-orange comes out through a little hole under the screen. 

Sound: Shining Through by Alumo

Invisible Cities: Chapter 9 (p.135)

"I speak and speak," Marco says, "but the listener retains only the words he is expecting. The description of the world to which you lend a benevolent ear is one thing; the description that will go the rounds of the groups of stevedores and gondoliers on the street outside my house the day of my return is another; and yet another, that which I might dictate late in life, if I were taken prisoner by Genoese pirates and put in irons in the same cell with a writer of adventure stories. It is not the voice that commands the story: it is the ear.”

Fall 2014

The Interactive Responses by an audience on a screen

The Screen Responses