Designing Multiplicity: Performance & Screening


John Tishman Auditorium, Alvin Johnson/J.M. Kaplan Hall, New York, NY
May 18, 2015



Revealuxion is a personal, artistic performance using an experimental, interactive, wearable garment that is connected to my brainwaves. My concept concentrates on self-esteem, self-portrait, aesthetic emotions, and human connection. I express my internal feelings and emotions in front of audiences through the garment, which means I will reveal my true self instead of a version of myself that is fake, sealed up, or hidden behind technology. Ultimately, I aim to find ways to reach catharsis, with spectators, through empathetic engagement.


My project, called Revealuxion, is a personal, artistic form for performance, which uses brainwaves, LED lights, and finger movements. The title came from a combination of two words: Reveal and Lux. I combined them because I want to reveal myself through the intensity of illumination. I set up a Mindflex, six LED Strips as a mental representation and finger motions as a physical representation. I use the attention value of my brainwaves and when I focus on my surroundings and myself, the LEDs will be fully lit. If I do not, they will turn off. For the finger movements, if my fingers pull down the strings, the parts at the other ends are lifted up. I can visualize my internal and external struggle through a second body. I’ve designed architectural shapes that are inspired by cocoons and marionettes. A butterfly struggles for its independence and a marionette’s movements are controlled by human fingers. However, in this performance, I will voluntarily place myself in a cocoon and use my fingers to control my own movements.

Photo by   Daniel Mastretta    PERFORMANCE & SCREENING:   Monday, May 18 at 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Photo by Daniel Mastretta

Monday, May 18 at 8:00pm - 10:00pm