Prototype: Invisible Cities - The Product Version, "The Healing Box".

Materials Necessary: A branch (Picked up the nice shape of a branch around my place.), small pieces of wood, A Scotch Tape, Awl, A headphone

It might need heating soft circuits, an Arduino, an Temperature Sensor, an Capacitive Touch Sensor or an Pressure Sensor, an Arduino Audio Shield.

I created a product called The Healing Box for mainly adults. The box is designed to be environmentally friendly with visible, audible, and touchable functions. The branch on top of surface is the symbol of nature. Inside the box, there are pre-recorded natural sounds like wind, bird singing, or forest stream. Once a user touches the box's surface connected to touch sensors, the sound plays and the user could feel relax, comfortable and healing.

Invisible Cities: Chapter 9 (p.135)

"I speak and speak," Marco says, "but the listener retains only the words he is expecting. The description of the world to which you lend a benevolent ear is one thing; the description that will go the rounds of the groups of stevedores and gondoliers on the street outside my house the day of my return is another; and yet another, that which I might dictate late in life, if I were taken prisoner by
Genoese pirates and put in irons in the same cell with a writer of adventure stories. It is not the voice that commands the story: it is the ear.”

Fall 2014